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This is me during one of my earlier autograph signings. They rolled out the red carpet for me, and I felt like a big shot Author who was sure to make it big. That was almost ten years ago. And, well I'm still waiting to make it big.

Truth be told, wisdom comes with time, and I realize my dreams of writing for a living is probably not going to happen anytime soon. The moral of this story is, especially as writers, to give ourselves realistic and doable goals. Getting your first autograph signing and selling out of 50 copies of your book is a huge achievement. Celebrate the small goals, and don't sweat the other stuff. I spent too much of my time self doubting my ability to break through the glass ceiling. I quit writing for five years before I finally dusted off my pen and started writing again. Thankfully, many of the people who enjoyed my YA books followed me over to my new Adult-Horror venture. By the way, thanks guys! Am I closer to that final goal than I was in this photo? Yes, I am. But, its also a lot of hard work, and a lot more reading and writing to go before that becomes a reality. With two new horror releases this year, and my first decent royalty check coming my way (pending of course) I feel anew.

Doubts? Sure. But i am learning, celebrate the journey. Love the passion, and beleive that someday it will all pay off.

Happy writing friends!

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