Everyone feels the burn.

I released two novels this year, "It Was Born in the Dark of the Woods" and its loose follow up the "Dark and Darker". I wrote these novels back to back, and I knew once I finalized my last edits, the true work began: Marketing and Advertisement. Neither of which, I am any good at.

So after a decent release for both of my new Horror novels, and a few failed marketing techniques -a book hub run, which I thought would be great and turned out to loose a lot of money with, and an advertisement in the October issue of Scream Magazine, which was even more of a loss of investment. I decided to take some time away from the marketing, the writing, and just enjoy some time to enjoy other hobbies.

That turned into four months away from hustling words on the screen. It didn't help when I fell ill to both, COVID and Pancreatitis. I was out for about a month healing and trying to recover. It gave me a lot of time to think, and to re-evaluate my life. One thing stood above all else, I really, really, REALLY, want to make my mark in literatures.

I have finally started on a new project. In fact, I have a few I have been playing with. My next novel will be another horror novel, although this one wont have any cameo's from my first two novels.

Its still in its early development, and I'm more playing with form and function, that the meat and potatoes of the work, but its been fun to work my creative brain once again.

Now, with Halloween around the corner, and us taking our first step into October, I am going to be revamping my marketing strategy. Fun? No. But, damnit, I have to find a way for people to see my book.

No matter what, I'm recharged, and ready to take the book world by storm!

Have you read Dark and Darker, or It Was Born in the Dark of the Wood?

If so, what did you think of it? Favorite character? Scene?



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