Haylee is a survivor. But the horrors she's been through with the death of her sister and fiancé is nothing compared to what may lurk around the corner.

Two years after the grisly murders, Haylee finds herself a prisoner in her own home, suffering from PTSD, self-medicating to escape the pain, she lives a lonely, suffering life. She has little to live for, but her friendship with her neighbor Aaron, and her furry companion a Great Dane named Trayer, help keep her sane.

Yet, when murder strikes her former neighbors (one house down from her former home, the murder house) her and Aaron begin a social media hunt and internet rabbit hole search of half-truths and suspicion. One thing is for certain, the murderers of her former neighbors bear some striking similarities to her own past. Is there a copycat killer on the loose? Or, is something more sinister going on in the cozy northern Michigan town?


The second book in the horror-universe JL Hickey first showed us in "It Was Born In The Darkness of the Wood". Its not a direct sequel, but will take place in the same fiction Michigan Universe as the aforementioned title with some reoccurring characters. 

A city plagued with missing children for over a hundred of years, this story spans over three generations of  homeowners that live on a quiet city street at the center of middle America Michigan. The one thing that ties the families together is the darkness that haunts their home. 

With shades and familiarity of Stephen King's "It", Hickey has gone on record saying this was his attempt to write his own expansive multi-generational horror novel. 

J.L. Hickey


Did you know, Hickey ran a local paranormal investigation team in his home city of Saginaw, Mi called MI Paranormal. He and his crew did it for about five years, before he stepped away when his wife became pregnant with their twins. For fellow horror and paranormal lovers out there, ya'll know why.